Canada Crating builds confidence

Canada Crating provides specialized crating and packaging solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking to transfer items domestically or internationally, the experts at Canada Crating have it covered. 

What we do

Professionally built crates, certified for worldwide shipment

Building high-quality crates for worldwide shipment is our primary focus. We specialize in building crates that protect your equipment when traveling via land, air, or sea.
Our highly experienced designers and builders will ensure that your product will arrive safe and sound.

Standard crating, strong construction

Our standard crates are built to withstand the harshest traveling conditions so that they can be shipped to any location in the world. There’s nothing standard about these crates.


Provide the highest quality crating product, and ensure complete satisfaction from our clients

At Canada Crating, our goal is to provide our clients with the best crating experience.

Heavy-duty crates, heavy-duty construction

Constructed to ASTM standards, our heavy-duty crates provide the most protection assurance when your equipment is transported via land or sea.
Our heavy-duty crates are built to take up as little volume as possible while keeping your equipment completely safe. Peace of mind comes with these crates. 

Custom sized crates built to your specifications

From heavy-duty oilfield equipment to old family china cabinets, we can provide specialized crating solutions for you!

Learn more about our customized solutions for your items.

IPPC Certified

Canada Crating is approved by the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCA) for our adherence to the requirements of the HT Program that follows the ISPM-15 Regulation of Wood Packaging in International Trade. We are audited frequently to ensure we remain at the highest standard of quality. Our IPPC stamp of approval allows us to ship worldwide. You can trust that your crates are built to heat treatment standards.

Ready to crate your items?

If you have questions about our products, or if you are ready to crate your items,
reach out to us today!